Thursday, September 2, 2010

Remember When...

Jeff and I are in Estes Park, Colorado this week. We flew to Denver on Monday, and drove up the curving road to a place we love to visit. We lived and worked here the first two summers after we were married. Jeff had already spent two summers here while in college playing guitar and singing baritone at the Lazy B Ranch, a chuck wagon dinner and western stage show ranch. His family visited Estes when he was a child and working there was something he always wanted to do. The first summer we both had three jobs. I had one more year of school and Jeff thought since we were married it was his responsibility to pay for my tuition. My dad fought him on it but lost! I waited tables at the Holiday Inn during the breakfast and lunch shift, and worked in a gift shop on the ranch in the evenings. Jeff worked at Ripley's Believe It of Not Museum along with his duties of serving brisket to the folks before the show began. We both sang for tips and a free meal at an outside cafe called The Mustard Seed downtown Estes in between our other daytime jobs! We were so rich!! We lived on our tis and saved the rest for tuition. We didn't work all the time. We played tennis, hiked in the Rocky Mtn National Park, we to the late movie after work, and watched Star Trek every afternoon along with other activities before going to the chuck wagon seven nights a week! We had to have some rest and relaxation! Did I mention we had lots of company? That's what happens when you live at the base of a national park! What a great adventure we were having! As we drove outside the city of Denver and the landscape began to change, I watched for so many landmark places that I had memorized the many trips we made together on the drive from Denver. I know there are certain rock clusters I recognize! Can you imagine how many times we have said, " do you remember " ... I bet at least 50 times and our trip isn't over yet! It doesn't matter how many times I visit this place, I am amazed at the majesty of these mountains, evergreens, wildlife and the bluest skies ever! The lack of humidity isn't bad either! It isn't unusual to see an occasional dead tree or even a patch of trees that have been attacked by beetles. But I have never seen so many as I looked along the countryside and even more in the national park this evening at dusk when we went to check out the elk. As I considered the rows of dry, brown trees and the different appearance it presents, I still had the same feeling of amazement at the creation of such beauty. My mind tends to have application moments and tonight was no different. I thought
about the differences Jeff and I have experienced since we were young adults living a dream summer 33 years ago. We are still pretty cute, but we have made some changes just like the view I saw as I looked at the mountains! ALS aside, we have a few weathered scars and broken branches. But just like the mountains, we are still standing tall and ready to face winter. That's what they do and that's what we have done in our life together! We haven't questioned if we could face changes rather how we would face them. I wondered as well, how will
all those trees get replaced, there are so many, how would that actually happen? There is no way to have all the answers to life's challenges, but somehow it all comes together one answer at a time!


  1. Hope you 2 have a wonderful time! I'm loving the blog & so glad you're doing it... I'm already learning more about you. I certainly have many wonderful memories of your family! Stay safe & enjoy your trip! Remembering you in my prayers...

  2. I LOVE reading your thoughts Nancy! I hope you guys continue to have a wonderful time in Colorado walking down memory lane. It's fun to hear about way back when. I remember visiting a chuck wagon you guys sang at on a joyful noise trip years back (New Mexico maybe?). Thank you for starting this blog!

  3. Nancy, I'm so glad you two are getting a chance to enjoy the "do you remembers?" That's such a great memory in itself. I'm enjoying your posts, already looking forward to the next posts and the lessons and stories you have to share. I'm greatful for you and your great attitude toward life's struggles(not just the ALS). You are setting a great example for the rest of us. Being realistic, I know you won't be able to be strong all the time, but that's ok. If you were..... then what would you need God for...He's there to love you through all this, holding you up all the way as you lean on Him. What do people do that don't choose to lean on God? I just can't imagine. I love you and am praying for your whole family to have strength through this MAJOR trial in your lives.

  4. Erin mentioned this blog and I was in Gata with you years ago and have forever frozen you in time as that happy cheerleader. Thank you for this blog. Isn't life strange that when you are at a difficult transition that you can so inspire others? I love Estes Park and I love hearing you describe it and tell your stories.

  5. Nancy, I just read all of your first three posts and I'm so happy to hear your voice. You have been on my heart from the moment I heard and it's good to hear from you here. I know I haven't known you long but you are the kind of person that makes others feel like they have known you forever in only a few moments. You are a Godly woman with an amazing family and I love to hear you talk about them. I often think of the time you shared with me how awesome it was to be at Women of Faith with your daughters all around you worshiping together, I just love that. You sang at my wedding-I think of you every time I hear "Nothing Compares to the Promise I Have in You." I look forward to reading your blog and I will continue to pray for you daily. May all of God's promises be even more real to you then ever. Love to you my friend, Kirsten

  6. Thanks for blogging. Now, if we can get you onto Facebook!

  7. Jan said...
    It took me awhile to find your blog, but with Harold's help I did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings, emotions and insights. We continue to pray for healing.

  8. I am so glad you've started a blog Nancy! What a wonderful blessing for your kids and be able to turn this in to a book one day and read all of your thoughts and stories. And btw: you're a great writer! I was nodding my head as I read your previous are a compassionate person - you have always had a kind word to say, open arms to give a hearty hug, a smile and a laugh to lift someone in the rooms spirits. You've blessed my life in more ways than you will ever know and I'm so grateful to have grown up in a church and community that had YOU in it. :-) Please keep writing, - you have so much wisdom and heart to share and anyone who reads will for sure be blessed.
    With love,
    Lindsey (Davison) Eason

  9. Nancy, I love reading your "remember when". I remember visiting the Lazy B ranch when Jeff worked there. I thought you guys were celebrities. ha ha I was pretty young but I remember how Jeff used to make us laugh all the time and how beautiful it was there is Estes.
    I love reading your posts and we are praying for you and your entire family.
    Tami (Woodward) Thomas