Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't Park There!

Being a person with strong convictions has caused me to have to position myself on what we kindly refer to as a soapbox. I admit I have had many topics to warrant my thoughts. Mostly for the past twelve years I committed myself to change the world's view of a person whose pancrease had ceased working correctly. Of course you know I am speaking of a person who has diabetes. When Anna Grace was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I picked up quickly on the phrase, "Oh, she is a diabetic." I didn't think she was a diabetic, but rather a person who HAS diabetes. Jeff quickly told me to give it up but if I am anything, I am not a quitter--especially when it is about my child!

Now my family has a new soapbox. We seem to be united toward this effort. You see it every day whenever you're in your car, when you are in line for the next available parking space. You may have guessed it. I hope you're not guilty...I am referring to the always treasured handicapped parking spaces. I am amazed at how few handicapped spaces are provided at normal restaurants and stores. The exceptions would be Target, hospitals and doctor's offices. But for sure there is always someone needing that handicapped space you are pulling into now! Go ahead and fess know I am stepping on all your toes!!

One day, Abby and I were eating lunch at Chilis. We were seated in clear view of the lone handicapped space. And yes, it was adorned with the familiar blue handicapped sign. At this point, it became the game surrounding our outing. We had fun watching for who would be getting in that ever cool Mercedes Benz that was parked in THAT spot, and driving off. Finally, the moment arrived and we watched intently as a couple approached the car. Not to our surprise, we didn't see even the slightest limp. I thought I would have to hold Abby back, as if I could!!

I'm not sure why this always seems to happen with Abby, but I have to add this event. She and I were going to our favorite place to get pedicures. Nail Paradise offers great services and we have grown attached to the technicians there. I met them before I had ALS. Jennifer would work her magic on my feet that constantly were in heels or running shoes! She would put my pain tolerance to the test at each visit. I told Jennifer if anyone ever tried to snatch her purse she could put them down with her thumb alone! The entire staff goes way beyond the call of duty and always responds to whatever challenges I present to position me in the spa chair safely. Back to the story...there were no handicapped places available this particular day, because there was this massive truck parked in the only handicapped spot that had enough space to accomodate the ramp that allows me to exit the van. At this point Abby was warming up the familiar comments that lead to a full-fledged speech of anger! The truck had no sticker denoting proper clearance to claim this spot. We parked at the end of the row to allow enough room to get me out. All the while Abby is muttering sentences of the accusing type. When we got me positioned Abby went to choose her color. Meanwhile I am beginning to sit back to let the whole process take place. All of a sudden I realized Abby wasn't back and wasn't in view... then I saw her, not in front of the polish rack but outside taking pictures of the truck's license plate! She confessed to wanting to track the owner down but settled for calling to report him, hoping to cause him to have to pay a fine. So I end this saga with words from Jesus..."Go forth and sin no more!"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Woo Pig Sooiee !

September 24, 2011

It's finally here! The subject that is never totally off the radar screen in our football. It's the favored sport, and if you were present at any family event, you can expect to hear a number indicating how many days til the beginning of next seasons starting date! The topic isn't limited to the males in the family, either. Rather, the females know their own opinion about teams, SEC rankings, returning key players, and evaluation of new uniforms. My Mom talks about the Dallas Cowboys like they are friends! Joseph contends that talking to his grandmother is like talking to a guy, especially with regard to the Cowboys. Food fare ranges from grilled burgers and hot dogs, to home made ice cream and brownies, and always includes cheese dip and chips. If the guys score early in the hunting season, including bow and arrow or muzzle loader, we might have smoked venison or shish- k-bobs which is a family favorite of my bunch, even Hudson and Hamilton.

The more the merrier applies here but only to true football fans. No browsing through magazines, couponing, or discussing a new recipe will be allowed! We gave Bethany a bye last fall since she was in the middle of making wedding decisions and finalizing her bridal registry. Even though she has started pharmacy school, I am certain this season will include many index cards with pertinent info she is committing to memory. She has such a disciplined behavior for taking care of business. If you read in earlier posts about parenting tips, I mentioned if my kids were having fun together and were loud as well, I didn't say a thing about the noise. I like the sounds of fun, no matter how loud! The same thing applies to football cheering. Both televisions are dedicated to the Game for moments that require pacing from room to room . Jeff and Joseph are the main pacers. Did I mention that it gets loud? Last season I could lead the crowd in the razorback cheer. This season that can't happen. I had Abby make keys on my eye-gaze screen that say "Go Hogs Go " and " Go Joe Go ". Joe Adams was a classmate of Anna Grace's in high school, and deserves his own cheer since he has been keen on running back punts!! I must mention that DJ Williams was a friend and team mate of Joseph's in high school also. We miss him of course, but catch him in his first season of NFL play! Familiar phrases than can be expected..."I'm worried about our running game"..."we can't make those type of mistakes"...and the favorite, "here's your ball game right here"! Since I'm finishing this post the morning of Gameday, I'm reminded of a Covidien colleague Caroline Fardel. If I listen hard, I think I can hear her yelling Roll Tide!! You go ahead Caroline, I think I hear a Woo Pig Sooiee louder!!!