Saturday, September 25, 2010

How Do Those Words Taste?

Do you remember a time in your teen or young adult years when you declared to yourself you would NEVER do something the way your mom and dad did? If you just thought "no" then I feel pretty sure you aren't being honest! I definitely remember thinking that on more than one subject and about to admit three! I don't remember exactly what age I was when I noticed my mom's bra had three or four hooks as compared to mine that had two. When I asked why mom said because it was more supportive than a bra with just two. All I could think was I would never wear one like that because I didn't like the way it looked! I don't remember exactly when but I think it was sometime after baby number three that I stood in front of the dressing room mirror at JC Penny's in University Mall ( which is no longer there but has become a new Super Target ) when I actually allowed myself to try on this bra style the sales clerk brought me that had three or four hooks in the back! Really? Did she not see how young I was? What would make her think I needed a bra like that anyway? But being the polite person that I am I decided to try it on since she was being so helpful and by then had probably brought me twenty different bras to try on! ( picture how many of those little hangers are lying everywhere! ). Then it happened! I stood quietly for a moment, moved my arms a bit to see how this harness felt, and said, " I have become my mother! " It wasn't that I didn't like my mother, I just didn't think I would ever wear a bra like she wore! One of those rare nights that Jeff and I actually had a date night with no kids, we were at the movie and I was miserable because I thought the theater was freezing! Then it spurred my memory to a few other times I was cold in a restaurant or in the church building. I remembered my mom always wanted to have a " light jacket " just in case she got a little cool!". I began either wanting to wear a top with a long sleeve, three quarter length sleeve, or have a "denim jacket " with me. That was different than wearing a "'light jacket," right? Wrong!
Now for the third confession. When I was a child my dad's car dealership was right across the street from the hair salon my mom went to every Friday. You have to understand, when I say every Friday I mean every Friday no matter what! I remember so well that salon with seated hair dryers lined up all along the wall and the smell of perm solution in the air! I loved to go with mom and hang out between dad's dealership and Miss Kathleen's salon! When I became an adult I thought how did mom get her hair done every week when I washed and dried my hair every day? I knew my mom didn't run every day like I did so she didn't really get hot and sweaty. In fact my mom made it a point not to ever get hot! Air conditioning was used at our house any day of the year the Texas temperature was above eighty degrees outsde! Lately I have a difficult time blow drying and styling my hair. I am not into fake nails that require biweekly attention or regular facials or message therapy but I have always liked to have a good haircut, style, and mascara! So I am miserable trying to do my hair to my standard, it's not just happening! So I did something I never thought I would do. I made an appointment to get my hair washed, dried, and styled yesterday! It was a Friday and I found myself in the hair salon. Once again, I have become my mother! Because my parents were smart I know there are more than these three things I mimic but these are the ones I remember that make me laugh! What about you?


  1. Dear, dear Nancy, do you have ANY idea how much I love you and appreciate you and think you are just about as good as it gets? I want to send you a more personal message. Can you send me your email address to

    Love you much! Cindi Pitts

  2. Love it. How did our moms go 1 week without washing or blow drying their own hair? I can not imagine...

  3. Nancy, I identify with all of your examples regarding "becoming" our parents----especially getting my hair done every Friday. I won't miss that 40 minutes for anything, almost. My hair is dry, & I don't get hot & sweaty very much, so my 'do' stays in nearly all week until the next appt. I absolutely love having my scalp massaged, & base of my neck rubbed as the hairdressesr scrubs my head.
    I also keep a sweater or jacket in my car all summer long. This one makes us REALLY old, don't cha think?! :) Love you, Andee

  4. I remember that hair salon and that car dealership...don't I Nancy. You do such a great job. I'm enjoying reading your blog..sorry to hear about your condition. Any time you're feeling down, remember the football games, the caves we dug in the vacant lot between our houses, the games of kick the can, rolling the large cable spool down the hill in front of the house, etc. etc. etc. Love you....Rusty Duffield