Monday, September 6, 2010

Making Changes

Sunday was our last morning in CO and we enjoyed one more Starbucks with the view of mountains and blue skies from our room while taking in every moment of the cool breeze coming from Lake Estes. We spent some time looking at pictures of family/friends and the precious capture of the day our son, Joseph, proposed to our future daughter-in-law, Bethany! Technology allows for so much to be recorded and placed for all to see! After leaving the lodge where we were staying we made one last stop in town to purchase salt water taffy and caramel corn that taste better if you buy it Estes, of course. Then we had to make a decision about where to eat lunch and we agreed on a local place where you can sit outside or inside, have breakfast or lunch, but guaranteed not to be disappointed! In fact we liked eating there so much that we hit it 5 out 7 days! The staff practically snickered when they saw us! The name of the restaurant is Claire's and I highly recommend it if you make a trip to Estes Park! When it was time to leave I wanted to say something to the three waiters that had served us. That is a very natural thing I do frequently in many situations and is just part of my personality. It isn't something I plan, it's spontaneous.
They had done a great job and I like to compliment people whenever I can. Everyone likes a high five and I love to pass them out! To me, praising people for a job well done or acknowledging simple things such as a dress or shirt and tie that enhances someones's eyes, a sweet baby in the cart at Kroger, or a new haircut is one of the easiest opportunities we have to brighten someones's day. It's free, it only costs a few words and the acknowledgement that someone other than yourself is worthy of a compliment! I still naturally want to do that but it is harder based on the fact that my speech is getting more difficult to understand. I know I can type whatever I want to say but by then the moment has passed or it is too awkward to open up my iPad to the right place quickly. The only thing I do quickly is think! So far that hasn't changed! Being spontaneous isn't created, it just happens as a result of the situation you are in or because of the people you are with. I still participate freely, but have to be cautious when I laugh too hard because I sometimes can't get enough air. It is still so worth it! It is life's best medicine! I plan on continuing the behavior of giving compliments that I think important because it is part of who I am, but since I can't do it as well, some of you may need to pick up the slack!


  1. What a fantastic week you guys had together!!! And I love what you wrote about complimenting others, such a good reminder for me. Often I think about complimenting someone and then I don't do it. If God gives me the impulse, I should act on it! :) Nancy, I'm so amazed and proud of your attitude, may our awesome God continue to speak to us through you. Praying for you to keep getting lots of laughter!

  2. Your trip sounded awesome. I love what you say about complimenting others. I believe the same way. People are usually quick to speak up about bad service or attitudes but neglect recognizing those that go the extra mile. I got your blog info from a mutual friend. My husband had ALS and I have had several friends locally diagosed since. Your attitude and words of encouragement are such a testimony to all. Diana