Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just a Thought...Six

January 16, 2012

December 2010, I broke two suggestions Suze Orman has written in one of her books. First was to complete all shopping by December 10th. Second was to stay away from favorite shops where it is so easy to get caught up in emotional spending. I violated both. Not trying to sound dramatic, but I was dramatic! I completely thought that would be my last Christmas. After diagnosis day in early July, I continued to run, mow the yard, and work in my flower garden. I recall one Saturday morning I awoke early and went to tackle the shrubs. I lasted four hours and think it was my last time to do such a thing. In August, Jeff and I went to Colorado for a week in what was a very special place for us in many ways. The day before we left I did the typical errands prior to traveling. I hadn't begun to use a walker yet and this trip let us know it was time. Before the trip I had only fallen one time. It was so small I didn't tell Jeff. During our week with Sharon and Winston, I experienced what let us know it was walker time. In a split second I fell backwards on the wood floor in the lobby of the Stanley Hotel. Ouch!! Back in Little Rock I turned over my keys, and began using the walker. Even using the walker I fell several times. When I think back I am amazed I didn't face injuries other than bruises. This disease changes over night. Literally. I have watched my body transform in ways I never expected unless I lived into my late eighties or nineties. I can't make my neck muscles do what I want anymore which has caused me to loose control of my head. This seems to be a hard one for me. At times, in the motorized wheelchair, I can still raise my legs. We have to chuckle at that.

As Christmas approached, I bought way too many gifts! In fact, if you didn't receive a present me, you should be offended! Gifts under the tree turned into packages in the middle of the family room, along with the oversized tree Jeff selected. As Minnie Pearl used to proclaim at the start of each performance, "I'm just so PROUD to be here"! I truly thought of that phrase during December activities, and was so thankful I was able to enjoy the many precious moments with family and friends. Here's to 2011!!