Saturday, March 5, 2011

Just a Thought...One

My miracle working physical therapist just left. She moves, stretches, and bends my joints/muscles every which way but loose! There is some discomfort involved but nothing I can't stand! I look forward to every visit. Today while she waw helping me walk, (heavy on the helping), I was struck by the decline physically I have experienced over the past twelve months! A year ago this weekend I ran in the Little Rock marathon with Jeff, Rebekah, Abby, Jeff's brother Winston, and my nephew and nieces Trey, Ashley and Bonnie. The only symptom manifested at the time was slurred speech and you don't have to talk to run...although I would have thoroughly enjoyed that on my thirteen mile course. As my miracle worker helped me from one room to the other, I couldn't help but have a bit of a pity party in my mind while working as hard as possible to lift my feet, keep my back straight and balanced so as not to cause us both to bite the dust! We just made four laps from the front door to the edge of the family room and back, but it was more trying than my jaunt last March! I can't believe my body has weakened to this state. If your are waiting to initiate some type of physical activity, C'mon! Get Moving!! I'm not writing this so you will feel sorry for me, but rather to motivate you to get in motion! You don't have to train for a race, but expend more energy than just going from your den to your car, your car to your first stop of the day and back! You owe it to yourself, your family and friends. It may take awhile before you like it, but endorphin power will kick in and you will be so proud!!


  1. Nancy, I thought of you nearly every mile this past Sunday while running my half. I had to cry a couple of times knowing that one year ago you were out there too...and would be out there again this year if you had your choice. It was one of my favorite runs ever....and not because of my time. Normally I don't listen to my iPod when I run a race...but I did Sunday. When the gun sounded I turned it on and the song that played first was Matt Redman's 'Let everything that has breath'...I listened to that one song for 13.1 miles...over and over and over again....for 1:52:25...the same song. I rejoiced, I praised the Lord and I prayed for many things, including you, many times. I missed church Sunday, but I didn't miss worhipping and praising Him! I also thought, here I am running a race and you can't anymore, it just seems so unfair. That thought actually powered me on and released those endorphins you described because I thought, if I can, I will. I do not take that fact for granted. I never will again.

    Sunday was a strange mixture of feeling completely empowered and incredibly humbled at the same time. You were a big part of it.

  2. Nancy,

    You don't realize how many people you are influencing with your blog. I can't tell you how many times when I am doing something I don't want to do I think of you. I know that you would be glad to be able to clean the bathroom or take dinner to someone or do one more sit up, push up or lift another weight! I always add a prayer for you when I am asking God to forgive me when I whine. You are standing tall in my book! I know God is smiling because of your faith in action!

  3. THANKS for this, Nancy. I'm so sporadic with exercise, & obviously, take it for granted that I can "do it tomorrow when the weather's better" or "tonight, after supper" excuse, excuse, more.

    Jimmy & I have been going back & forth from LR to Dallas, to see our first grandson, Eliot, born February 22nd to Patrick & Lauren. EVERY time we ever go by the Dairy Queen in Mt. Vernon, "Cookie" gets mentioned, & we laugh, thinking of Victor driving 90 mph for a weekend in Dallas with a carload of us, screeching to a halt, dropping you off, then zooming on our way. Oh, we were young, weren't we?!