Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just a thought...Four

This is an" Oh, woe is me" pity party post. Don't expect to hear some explanation or how I can twist this around to make everyone feel good. It isn't gonna happen. This morning I thought it would be nice to wear a skirt to church. I have always been a skirt girl. Besides, jeans are becoming hard to put on. I thought in a skirt I might have the slightest feeling of being normal. NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, positively NOTHING could have been further from the truth. NOTHING is right about me. NOTHING. NOTHING I tell you. You might dare to differ that my mind is fine. But I cannot begin to say with words how much I battle to get typed out all I want to say. This frustration does not stem from my blog title, More to Say. Every thought has application in my mind. Nothing is void of memories which leads me to another post to write and yet there is no time and energy to get it all done. Even now eyes are struggling from dryness as I try to finish typing. Please don't think I am wanting a certain response from you. You can't explain this away with flowery words or scripture. I actually want no response. NOTHING. Just a thought...

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