Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just a Thought...two

Lately Iam experiencing the physical manifestation of swollen ankles. I escaped the lovely reddish purple addition during all four pregnancies, so I guess I'm due. Abby was determined to help the situation and so she set out to find the perfect footstool that would position my legs at a ninety degree angle and thus relieve the situation some. What she brought to my room was Mammaw Ouida's roasting pan. We laughed and continued to use it whenever I would sit upright. One Sunday, when all the kids were here for lunch, I looked up to see two year old Hamilton coming toward me with the roasting pan. "Here Nan" he said, and proceeded to put my feet on the pan. To all parents, grandparents, and adults influencing children, please let this remind you that our little ones are looking, listening, and mimicking our words and behavior. No pressure intended, unless you need to clean up your act!

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  1. Hey Nancy, I've been thinking about you and wanted to check on you. (I couldn't get your blog to allow me to post previously, not sure why.) I am so glad you still have your "voice" online. I miss talking with you. You are one of the strongest and most positive people I have ever met. My thoughts and prayers are with you always! :) Anna Myatt