Friday, February 18, 2011

and the winner is...

I wrote this the morning of our Chandler family Christmas brunch. Abby did the honor of presenting for me!

Yesterday was a red letter day for me. Abby and Anna Grace helped me take a bath and by dinner I had typed so much I couldn't grip the spoon so Jeff had to feed me. And yes, he was moving his mouth with each bite like when you feed a baby! At least I was sitting at the table like an adult even if I was in a wheelchair. I began thinking about all the ways I receive assitance to be able to maneuver through the day, and thought I would list them:

Ashley Philbrick-Calendar Girl Award...keeping those meals, appointments, and social events straight!
Ashley Chandler and Erin Conner-tie for Starbucks Award... tall caffe mocha, two pumps chocolate, one pump peppermint and whipped cream, please!
Bonnie Chandler-Female Intuition Award...always seems to know what I need next and is beginning to do it before I even ask!
Abby Brown-Makeup Artist Award...every time she paints my face I receive compliments for looking pretty!
Rebekah Gates-Hoist Award...for the grip that never fails to get me up and where I need to go next!
Anna Grace Chandler-Clean Record and Entertainment Awards...since I have never fallen with her, even while laughing!
Linda Chandler-Transportation Award...for manipulating me into my first wheelchair ride!
Sharon Chandler-Dysfunctional Duo Award...creating sitcom material (she can't hear and I can't speak)!
Joseph Chandler-Search and Rescue Award...for instant response to wild wails and crashing sounds, equipped with he-man muscles to scoop me up! Also known for best foot wrapping technique!
Trey Chandler-Tech Support Award...providing the latest and greatest communication device!
Juston Gates-Tool Man Award...building high end equipment for walkers, wheelchairs and tricycles!
Luke Brown-Choking Award...testing recovery capacity for breathing caused by comedic activity while eating!
Winston Chandler-Tears Award...good for initiating a cry with a glance!
Hudson and Hamilton Gates-Cheers Award...guaranteed to make me smile!
Jeff Chandler-Best All Around Award....for constantly providing assistance with panties up, panties down, more drink, warm it up, comb it down, puff it up, wipe it off, wet it down, load me up, take me out, and everything else that makes him the best husband a woman could want!


  1. What a great family you have!

  2. Mrs. Chandler,
    We have met several times, but I don't know if it would be enough to remember me! I am Zach Neal's wife. I found your blog through Rebecca and just want to say THANK YOU for sharing your journey with us, your WISDOM and strength has uplifted and encouraged me as I am sure hundreds of others. May God continue to bless you with those around you as you continue this journey of life. In my prayers,
    Sara Jo